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Facebook Ads

What is the cost of Facebook Advertisement (Ad)?

You can choose any budget to prepare and run Facebook Ads for your targeted audience at any time you want to run those Ads. The Facebook Ad Auction determines the price of Ad being shown to your intended audiences. It is you who decide how much you want to spend on the Ad on Facebook and then you tell Facebook about that amount for which you want to make and run the Ad for. You can choose any amount, may it be $ 2 for a day or $ 5000 for a week – it all depends on the money you want to put into the Ad Campaign.

How to buy Facebook Ads?

The Facebook allows you to buy a Facebook Ad through their Ads Management section, which is called Ads Manager. In this section, you have to prepare Ad by using the Ad Manager options, and by letting Facebook know how much you want to spend and the time when you want to run your Ad Campaign. Once you are through with it you have to submit it to Facebook Ad Auction for it to process.

You controls the Ad Campaign

It is you who decide when you start the Ad Campaign and when to stop the Ad Campaign and for what cost you want to run your Ad Campaign for. You decide and is in control of your overall spending by specifying the budget to the Facebook. Facebook will not spend any amount which is more than amount specified in your budget. Facebook presents you estimate of audience that your budget would allow you to reach to – based on the estimate you can decide whether you want to increase your budget or you want to shred your budget. It allows you to reach people who are interested in your Product or Service and helps you build brand awareness and goodwill for your product or service. 

Select the budget you want

You are in complete control to choose what kind of budget you want to have. Facebook never ask you to set any specific budget. They are open to all kind of budget and provide visibility of Ads based on the budget you specify.

Where to buy Facebook Ads?

It is Your Page where you can buy your Ad and also you can buy your Ads on Facebook Ads Manager that allows you to create an Ad Campaign.