Advertising Topics

What are most popular ways of advertising?

1. Social media: Social media is the leading advertising platform. In America, it captures more than half of the advertising market where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram continues to lead the way forward. Social media is where people interact to each other on social platform and it is through these platforms that advertisers publish their advertisements to reach out to the targeted audience in the respective geographies. The social media is not limited to any country. In fact, these leading social media giants have presence all over the world and they are connecting the world population in one thread. The mediums are developed to an extent that you can target your customers based on the content they like to view, the content they are sharing, the contacts they have, and contacts that they may know. Social media is very powerful medium to build an image of your business and if you already have a good image and brand for your business then enhance its popularity among the masses. As these day everybody uses Smart Phones and these platforms are installed in their Smart Phones where the content of advertisements can be delivered to the intended audiences to develop a connect with them and eventually lead to business leads and growth. These social media giants don’t charge much, but again it depends on the type of advertisement campaign you want to run with them. But, they are affordable to small business or individuals as well as can accommodate the advertisement requirements of big companies as well. You can choose them well keeping in mind your business requirement and budgetary constraint and your geographies and audience you want to target.


2. Television: TV is a medium of advertisement which is popular among the businesses who wants to reach out to the homes of the target audience through the shows and programs being run on the television. In this format of advertisement you have to research your audience likings of the shows and programs and know the age group of audience that you want to target based on their viewing habits. As TV commercials can be more expensive the social media Ads - you have to choose wisely to select the slots you want to run your commercial to. There are large number of channels that are available and they run the pricing of their advertisement based on the Viewership and Television Rating Points (TRP) that they provide to the advertisers. A channel or program with low viewership will have their Ad pricing low as compared to the channel or program that has high viewership. Thus, you have to establish best fit for your requirement considering the pricing and viewership you are getting from the channel and the program.

3. Print media: In the age of World Wide Web and social media, print media is still surviving and not outdate or out of race. The circulation of major newspapers are running successfully though under pressure from the advent of social media sites. The pricing of advertisement in newspaper is on the higher side as compared to the social media advertisements. The size of advertisement and page on which you want to publish your advertisement determines the cost of advertisement in newspaper. The life of advertisement in newspaper is longer as compared to the life of online advertisement as they go away the moment you navigate away from such advertisement. Though, newspaper advertisement is little expensive, but it is tangible and is free from and fear of clicking any flawed advertisement that you may become the prey of in the medium of social media and online surfing. If your business is local and you want to reach out to local audience then the medium of newspaper advertisement can be still a viable option. Though, the print media houses are developing online presence as well, but that is not as good as the presence of social media. If you want to go local and does not think social media a tangible option, then you can go for print media to reach out to your intended audience and achieve you objective with this form of advertisement.

4. Email advertisement and marketing: Email advertisement and marketing is a form of advertisement and marketing where you prepare Email Campaign and run your campaign on the email addresses available to you. It is one of the most cost effective way of advertisement and you can know the progress of your campaign by evaluating the response you get through your campaign. You can know whether your message has been received by the target audience and if they replied to your message you can establish a connect with them to change and update the content of your email advertisement based on the requirement of the audience keeping in mind that you would be able to fulfil their requirements. Once the connection is establish with your audience and they are responding to you, then it becomes one of the fastest way to win the business and achieve your goals. Thus, it is definitely a medium to look upon to be considered as a way of advertisement and marketing.


5. Radio: Radio is quite popular these days and they play different segments of programs on air which are popular among varied audience. Their prices for running the commercials are not as high as TV programs, but you have to choose the timings and the channel (frequency) and program on which you want to run your Ad Campaign in. The response to Radio Ads may not be that effective as that of the TV Ads, but still it leave the impact on the minds of the audience you want to target and are relatively cheaper than the TV advertisements. So running an Ad Campaign in the program of liking of your audience can be a good option for you to grow your product or service and build a goodwill, loyalty, and brand for your product or service.

The takings from this article – at present, there are wide range of options available to you to select your advertisement platform. Considering your position, budget, and marketing conditions you can choose wisely among them to reach your ultimate goals.