Advertising Topics

Do you find advertising attractive or waste?

The world of Advertising is witnessing new heights. It has become integral part of our life and the business we do. You cannot imagine a business without advertisement. As producing products and services are of no use if there are no buyers for them to buy – and it is thru advertisement that you reach out to your buyers to purchase your products or services. 

It is advertisement that appeals you to buy a product or service. They may be a cheap advertisement or one of the high price Ad Campaign. There are various mediums (media) on which you can run your advertisement. You can choose them based on your requirement. An advertisement that delivers its intended message to the target audience within the budget and resources available can be termed as appealing advertisement by the experts. Whereas, if advertisement does not delivers its intended message to the target audience within the budget and resources available can be termed as waste advertisement by the experts.

There can be a concept of positive advertisement and negative advertisement. The positive advertisement can be where advertisement is made explaining the positive aspects of the product or service and is presented in a way that audience takeaway good memories from the viewing or display of the advertisement that remains in their mind for long period and builds the goodwill and brand value for the business. On the contrary, negative advertisement can be a form of advertisement where Ads are made in a manner that presents a negative feeling in the mind of the audience that to have a lasting impact on the mind of the viewer. It is the form that is normally not promoted by advertisers, but due to market conditions and timing of advertisement it can become realty unintentionally in the way it comes to effect.

It is the goal of Ad Agencies and Ad Makers is to make the advertisement attractive (appealing) keeping in mind the requirement of the business. These are the advertisements that are good in visual and content and present an appealing message to the audience. But, it is not always that these advertisements fulfil their goals to deliver the message to the audience – in that case it is termed as waste advertisement. A waste advertisement can be a phenomena where despite of putting the large amount of money in advertisement, it does not live up to its expectations, and does not win the new customers as it was intended from running the advertisement.

The advertisements have cost associated to them and that varies as per the requirement and scale of the business. Bigger companies have bigger budget for advertisement to reach out to larger audience and they choose the medium that has larger visibility. Whereas, smaller companies have smaller budget and they choose the medium (media) of advertisements based on their capacity. A short commercial on a famous TV show or Print Ad on first page of newspaper may cost huge amount as compare to running an online Ad Campaign on Search Engine, Facebook, or Twitter.

Takings from this article - the attractive or appealing advertisement can be good and on the other hand it can be a waste of resources. You have to ascertain your position and the market condition and trends and do a proper research to run an Ad Campaign – may it be on any media, you need to be cautious about your spending.